eos: The Evolution of Smooth Review

Some of my favorite things happen to be bath and body products….especially the kind that smell as yummy as they feel going on.Eos, the evolution of smooth, sent me two products to try out, two products that are not only unique but products that feel luxurious. My favorite product, by far, has been the Summer Fruit Organic Lip Balm.  This lip balm smells so incredibly wonderful.  The scent is kind of a cross between peaches and grapefruit.  It also feels great going on, and it lasts longer on my lips than other lip balms I’ve tried.  It comes in a sphere shape, which is quite different, but the scent almost makes you want to eat it.:)  (My sister would gladly insert here that I used to eat her lip balm when I was little).  Seriously, though, I have a hard time with some lip balms, as they almost leave my lips with a smooth feeling at first, but then it’s almost as if my lips have an allergic reaction or something, and they end up drying out my lips in the long run.  This lip balm has not made me feel that way.  I’ve used it over and over, and each time it just moisturizes so well.  I love using it.  I’ve had comments on the shape and on the scent.  It’s also petroleum and paraben free, so it’s definitely a healthy choice; it contains ingredients like Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter.  You can purchase the Organic Lip Balm for $3.29 from eos.  This is definitely a great price, in my opinion, especially considering how long the lip balm will last.  There are several other flavors/scents available, as well.

The second product I received was the eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Lavender Jasmine.  Now I’m normally not a huge fan of the Lavender scent, but the Jasmine actually adds a sweetness to the scent that I just fell in love with.  The shave cream itself is so smooth going on, very silky and creamy, also non-foaming.  It did not  leave my skin feeling slimy.  It did a great job in coverage without using a lot; it only takes a small amount to get the job done.  The shave cream is also moisturizing, so it left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  It contains both Vitamins C and E, along with aloe, oat, and shea butter.  The great thing is that with this shave gel, I can shave wet or dry.  So if I need to do just a touch-up, it’s so much easier than having to fully jump in the shower or take up the sink.  You can purchase the Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream for $3.49, which again, is very reasonable.  I love the bottle because it’s got a soft rubbery type texture to it, but it doesn’t have the metal around the bottom, so it doesn’t leave the rust stain on the tub.  The bottle is also recyclable.  The shave cream comes in other scents, as well.

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(Disclosure: I received the lip balm and shave cream, free of charge, from eos and Behrman Communications, for the purposes of this review.)

Mel Lockcuff

Mel is a wife and homeschool mom to 2 boys, as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger residing in Northwest Arkansas. She recently published her first eBook, Blog Design Elements of Success. You can find Mel on Twitter @mellockcuff, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, or contact her via email at mel@adventuresofmel.com.
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