Spaghetti Tacos {Recipe Box}

It’s not just the 9 year old who watches iCarly in our house…. iCarly has really become a family affair. If you’ve ever watched the show, then you know where this recipe is going. That’s right…. spaghetti tacos, a carb-lover’s paradise, plus a recipe your kids will be bouncing off the ceiling for! I would have honestly never thought of putting taco shells and spaghetti together, but it works, and it’s de-lish!So, how do you make spaghetti tacos, you ask?

First, I like to add a slice of American cheese into a warm taco shell….Then, add in the spaghetti….Lastly, we top it off with a few chopped tomatoes and a bit of shredded cheese….….and voila, our version of spaghetti tacos.Just in case you’d like to print the recipe, see below. Enjoy!

Spaghetti Tacos
  • 1 box taco shells, warmed in oven
  • 1 batch leftover spaghetti
  • Sliced American cheese
  • Shredded cheese
  • Fresh, diced tomatoes
  1. Warm taco shells in oven, and warm leftover spaghetti in microwave or on stovetop. Take your taco shell, and add in 1 slice American cheese. Next, add your spaghetti. Finally, top with fresh, diced tomatoes and a bit of shredded cheese.
  2. Enjoy the crunchy goodness of spaghetti tacos! {Kid-friendly recipe}

Mel Lockcuff

Mel is a wife and homeschool mom to 2 boys, as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger residing in Northwest Arkansas. She recently published her first eBook, Blog Design Elements of Success. You can find Mel on Twitter @mellockcuff, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, or contact her via email at
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    OMG! This looks so yummy! I have a one year old and getting her to eat is always a challenge. It won’t get easy as she gets older. From time to time I post recipes on my blog. Very few baby friendly ones though. Looking forward to viewing more of your recipes! Thanks! I’ll try this one on my hubby. I think Princess will just stick to the pasta for now. hehe

    • 7


      Thank you! Yes, iCarly is def a favorite…. we really miss it when it goes for long bouts without any new episodes.:) And we definitely have to wait for my hubby too. lol


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