Do You Remember Hidden Pictures Puzzles?

Highlights for Children DisclosureOf all the things I remember from when I was a little girl…. my Holly Hobbie bedspread, Care Bears sleeping bag, Strawberry Shortcake dolls…. I also have fond memories of reading my Highlights Magazine and solving the Hidden Pictures Puzzles in each issue. Now I watch as Jaden solves the puzzles and enjoys finding all the little hidden objects.Highlights Hidden Pictures Favorites Wildlife Puzzles Book {}

Highlights Hidden Pictures Favorites: Wildlife Puzzles is filled with more than 100 puzzles. Geared for ages 7 and up, this book has over 1200 objects for Jaden to find. Highlights Hidden Pictures Favorites Wildlife PuzzlesIn the beginning of the book is a list of all the puzzles contained inside; Jaden can go through and check off each one as he does them. Since he can’t read quite yet, he usually just looks through the book until he finds one that piques his interest. Each puzzle has the items pictured that he needs to find, also with the name of the item. For now, he can just look at the item, then go find it in the picture. Finding the Hidden Pictures with HighlightsOnce he starts reading, he’ll be able to read the name of each item. I’m excited for him to start putting his letters together and start really making sense of it all. We’re getting there.

This particular book is filled with all kinds of animal photos, some silly and some more realistic. Highlights Hidden Pictures Wildlife Puzzles a Look InsideThe object is to color the items in the picture as he finds them. Some of the pictures are quite detailed, making them more difficult. While it’s challenging for him at times, he’s been able to find objects with no problem. Highlights Hidden Pictures for KidsAll the pictures are black and white. Answers are included in the back of the book.Answers for Hidden Pictures

Solving these puzzles with Jaden definitely brings back memories for me. I miss the days of poring over my Highlights Magazine. You can purchase this Hidden Pictures book at Barnes & Noble, where they’ve recently introduced 15 new Hidden Pictures books. They’re an affordable gift under the tree, in the stocking, or even for a coming trip where the kids will need to be entertained for hours in the car (been there, done that).

Oh, and one more thing. Holiday discount alert! Shop the Highlights 2013 Holiday Catalog, and receive free shipping on all catalog items, no minimum, from now until 12/20.

Were you a Highlights Kid? What was your favorite section in the magazine?

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