5 Things This Introvert Learned at Mom 2.0 Summit

Having just returned from Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this past weekend, I’m probably still on a post-conference “high.” Everyone had told me that this conference was the premier conference, the one to attend if you are a professional blogger. They said this was the conference to invest in. And you know what? They were right.5 Things This Introvert Learned at Mom 2.0 Summit

From an introvert’s perspective, I can’t help but share 5 things that have really stayed with me….

1. Community is everything. It’s so true, isn’t it? Finding your tribe or community means finding support and even more importantly, friendships. Sometimes even though I’ve only met someone online, it feels like I’ve known them forever. That’s what community is all about.
Reconnect with friends at Mom 2.0 Summit

True community is inspiring and motivating, sometimes even to the point of happy tears.

2. Networking and talking with other bloggers (and even brands) can be just as important as a session, though I will say that the sessions I did attend knocked it out of the park. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t make it to every session I wanted to this weekend, but simple things like having breakfast with a handful of bloggers “filled my cup.” Having dinner with new friends…. walking around the conference venue, recognizing faces and saying hi…. sitting down with brands and getting their take on things and giving them my feedback…. going and getting my hair done with Dove….New Look with Dove at Mom 2.0 Summit All of this was truly priceless.

3. Sometimes it’s ok to just be quiet. That pretty much sums it up. Sometimes I found myself alone, and you know what? I’m ok with that because those moments alone filled my tank, so to say.

4. We’re all quite alike when you think about it. We all started somewhere, and we’re all going for the same thing…. we want to succeed at whatever we’re working toward. While it can be intimidating to meet other creatives we admire, we’re all quite alike; though we may have different goals, I’m learning that we all face similar insecurities and fears.

I’m telling you right now, stop thinking that you aren’t “big enough,” and go whole-heartedly in the direction of your goals and dreams. Work those goals, seek support from your aforementioned community (and support them in turn), and be confident with who you are and where you are at with your station in life.Headed to the Iris Awards in Style.... I Wish You never know who is watching (including your own kids if you’re a parent), and even if you touch one person’s life, it’s worth everything to keep following your dreams.

5. Sometimes it’s ok to just let your hair down, loosen up, and dance your little pea pickin’ heart out. Dance party at Mom 2.0 Summit Iris Awards After PartyI never learned how to dance, never attended Prom, but always had aspirations of becoming an awesome dancer. While I may not have the dance moves down pat, Saturday night’s Whirlpool party was ah-mazing! Best night ever. Everyone was on that dance floor, the DJ was smiling and laughing the entire time (because our community was so much fun, yo!), staff were watching and smiling…. Sometimes you just need to let inhibitions fly out the window and dance the night away with friends.

Check out this video with photos from the Iris Awards and after party from a new friend, Julie Pippert….


This introvert has already bought her ticket to Mom 2.0 in 2015…. oh yes, I have.

Mel Lockcuff

Mel is a wife and homeschool mom to 2 boys, as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger residing in Northwest Arkansas. She recently published her first eBook, Blog Design Elements of Success. You can find Mel on Twitter @mellockcuff, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, or contact her via email at mel@adventuresofmel.com.
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      Xenia, thank you! I’m so glad we all went to dinner together. It was a blast. And we got to try some local food. I’m craving some more of those sweet potato hush puppies. So glad you were there. Can’t wait for AZ!

  1. 3


    You were SO MUCH FUN to room with and DAMN if I’m not ecstatic that I’ll get to see you in Scottsdale for this conference again, WOOT!!! And I never, ever would’ve guessed you didn’t know how to dance because you TORE IT UP!

    I couldn’t be happier that I got to share this awesome conference with you. You were one of the hugest highlights of this experience for me. Thank you for being my roommate and for being YOU.

    Don’t forget to take some time for you and do your own hair this week to relive a little of the awesomeness that was this weekend. :) If only we could’ve taken home those awesome hair stylists forever and ever, right? Haha
    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting recently posted..A Perfect Day for Kite FlyingMy Profile

    • 4


      Lisa, I had such a great time with you! Thank you for rooming with me. You were a huge highlight for me too, reminded me to slow down and smell the roses! And now you have me wishing I was smelling that peppermint oil some more. If I decide to try essential oils, I’m emailing you.

      Oh my gosh, thank you! I had no idea what I was doing out there, just hanging out and moving like the rest of ‘em.:)

      Those hair stylists were so fun! You be sure to take time for you too! P.s. I may be wearing a side braid today, inspired by you.

    • 6


      Debra, thank you, you too! So happy to have the company, especially that early on a Sunday morning. And this reminds me, I’m going to paypal you this afternoon.

  2. 7


    Aw Mel, that’s so awesome. #4 is really what it is all about! I love those moments when I realize that I DO have an impact even when it seems like I’m jabbering at the wall and I am so glad that you got that at the conference.

    Admittedly, I was so inspired by you and others facebook posts that I’ve already bought my 2015 ticket. I haven’t been to a conference in too long, but I *GOT* that if I was going to pick one, that this needed to be the one so I thank you for your part in that. :)
    Jill recently posted..Listen to Your Mother Denver – TOMORROW – May 7th, 2014My Profile

    • 8


      Jill, you just made me catch my breath…. wow, that is amazing. We really do have a bigger impact than we think, even when it feels like noone is reading or cares, someone is always watching. I can’t wait to see you in 2015!

    • 26


      Mel, yes, do it! It’s so worth it. In fact, make it this one.:) I’d love to see you! I think, for me, going to a conference or event is sort of like an immersion therapy of sorts. I’m forced to get outside my comfort zone. Excited for you to attend one next year…. you’ve got this!

    • 33


      Oh, Michelle, you’d love it! And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a mom; it’s a great conference for any professional blogger.:) Hope to see you there!

    • 35


      Thank you so much, Shell! I truly hope you get to go, but yes, it is harder with a baby. Although, if it’s any encouragement, there were a couple of other mothers there with babies. And, of course, the babies got a lot of attention, so sweet!:)


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